Name of Credit Intermediary: Luz de Gloria Lda
Fiscal Number: 509274978
Professional domicile: Rua de São Luis n.105 8000-285 Faro – Portugal
Contact : 913703663 Email:
Credit Intermediary registration number with the Bank of Portugal: 0004151
Member of the Administration Body: Alexandre Juvenal Dias Luz / Lilian Denise Dias Luz
Credit Intermediary Category: Ancillary Security
Identity of lenders or group with whom they maintain a binding contract: ABANCA Serviços Financeiros, E.F.C, S.A. Sucursal em Portugal
Credit intermediary service: Presentation or proposal of contracts to consumers.
Exclusive System: No
Consulting Service: No
Civil liability guarantor for the activity: HISCOX policy number 2514031 Date 10/12/2021 to 09/12/2022
The credit intermediary, in accordance with article 53, no. 1, paragraph K of RJIC, makes available information containing the reference to the fact that it is forbidden to receive or deliver any amounts related to the formation, execution, and anticipated fulfillment of credit agreements, pursuant to article 46 of RJIC.
The credit intermediary is required to provide information indicating that its activity as a credit intermediary is subject to supervision by Banco Portugal.
The complaint book for Banco Portugal is now available.