Are you familiar with the Blue Dental Digital Dental Clinic Laboratory?

Equipped with the most advanced technologies available on the market, our laboratory is prepared to treat your oral problems with the greatest comfort and guarantee you the best results in the shortest time!

Get to know all our technologies and services.

VarioSurg3 - Piezo

At Blue Dental we have tools that enhance the quality of our services and provide the greatest comfort to the patient. VarioSurg3 offers unsurpassed ultrasonic performance and great cutting efficiency.

3D Intra-Oral Radiology System

With the 3D Intra-Oral Radiology System it is even easier to take care of yourself and your oral hygiene. This is a multi-functional system that makes image acquisition quick and simple, accurately from all angles.

Pic Dental

The Dental Pic technique is the most reliable, fast and accurate implant molding technology in dentistry. It captures the patient's mouth, collecting information about the exact location of the implants, angles and distance between them. All this in a less invasive and more comfortable way than traditional methods.

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is a minimally invasive technique with ozone gas which has anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effects. This is a safe procedure and very favorable to treatments as it reduces pain and possible inflammations. In dental medicine, ozone therapy is applied in: surgeries, periodontitis, risk control of caries, treatment of infectious diseases.

Milling Machine R5

The R5 Milling Machine is one of the fastest machines on the market. With maximum precision, stability and reliability, the R5 is a cutting and milling equipment for dry or wet operations and processes all materials normally used in the clinic.

NextDent da 3D Systems

3D Systems' NextDent is a modern 3D printing technology for dental medicine. Through NextDent it is possible to produce prostheses, crowns, orthodontic splints, among others, quickly, accurately and efficiently!

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a dental treatment that uses laser rays as a basis. These rays are used in the treatment of oral diseases, in the healing and regeneration of tissues. The use of Laser therapy in Dentistry allows a less painful postoperative period, with less possibility of inflammation and rapid healing.


At the Blue Dental clinic we use the most advanced techniques to take care of your oral health. The EXOCAD platform is a software that has the function of developing structures for dental prosthesis quickly and efficiently.


At Blue Dental we work with the IntraSpin centrifuge. This system allows the development of Fibrin Rica em Plaquetas, full of repair and healing properties of soft tissues and bone grafts. Fibrin plasma is used in several types of dental surgery in order to improve the results of the procedure.

AirFlow - GBT

Destartarization is an important process to prevent the onset of diseases related to tooth support structures. At Blue Dental we use AirFlow technology, a minimally invasive technique that causes better results, greater comfort and less pain.